Hawaiian Survival Handbook


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"The Hawaiian Survival Handbook" by Brother Noland

From the publisher:
Celebrated Hawaiian musician Brother Noland sees music as just one way to connect with his heritage and the ‘aina. A steward of the land and Hawaiian culture, Noland is also a dedicated tracker. “We are and have always been hunters, trackers, and fishermen,” he says. In The Hawaiian Survival Handbook, he shares the outdoor skills he has developed over a lifetime spent in Hawai‘i’s forests and waters. These essential tips and tricks will prove handy for the casual day-hiker, intrepid seashore adventurer and hardcore overnight camper alike.
Note: The information in this book is meant to inform and educate and is not intended to be used as medical or other professional advice. No treatment presented herein is meant to diagnose, prevent or cure any disease, injury or other malady. Consuming food or water collected in the wild may carry risks. Always take proper safety precautions.

Hardcover, 156 pages
Release Date: August 2014, Watermark Publishing

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